Workshop Elvia Vasconcelos + Feminist Internet


Elvia Vasconcelos is design reseacher whose work focuses on the impact of technology via community-engaged participatory work. Elvia's work wishes to expose heteronormative and discriminatory biases embedded in technology, thus creating narratives that challenge present structures of power and call for alternative and fairer futures.

Feminist Internet is a group of artists and designers supported by University of the Arts London, who believe in the power of creativity and criticality to transform how the internet unfolds, and how it is understood. Feminist Internet is here to intervene, building an equal and just internet for all.

Workshop, Tuesday 11th 09:30, 99€

Feminist Alexa


The tech industry is not representative, diverse or inclusive. It is therefore no surprise that consumer technologies are a direct reflection of this unbalance: unrepresentative, discriminatory and non-inclusive.

“Technology serves as an amplifier of underlying values and social structures.”
Virginia Eubanks

In this workshop we’ll explore the gendering of personal intelligent assistants (PIAs) like Siri, Cortana, Amazon Echo and Google Assistant, and collaboratively re-imagine them to create feminist alternatives that work towards social, economical and political equality.

We’ll be asking:

  • What dominant notions/oppressions/discriminations are embodied in PIAs?
  • How can we challenge these?
  • How can this be PIAs be used to create more equitable present/futures?


To tell alternative narratives about PIAs that challenge the dominant narratives. What kind of stories can we tell about a world where nobody is oppressed and we are all equal?


Fictional narratives: we’ll use simple props to speculate and bring to life alternative narratives for the present and future of PIAs.


Workshop will be held at
Nordkapp office
Kaisaniemenkatu 7, 00100 Helsinki

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