Workshop LeAnne Wagner

Workshop, Tuesday 11th 13:30, 99€

Who is in control: Exploring wearable interfaces and controllers

As computing becomes more integrated into our environment and dress, how is our behavior changing? How do we, as users, adapt to the technology and how does it affect our expression and movement? The goal of the workshop is to introduce attendees to simple and accessible physical computing tools and sensors that will enable them to explore and design non-traditional interface controllers and wearable technologies. Attendees will start by creating simple wearable circuit with copper tape and LEDs to introduce them to basic circuit logic. Building on the knowledge of basic circuits, we will then build interactions with micro-controllers. We’ll start with MakeyMakey controllers, which will allow attendees to design novel physical interactions that control computer programs. From there, we will move on to creating simple interactive wearable items by experimenting with the Adafruit Circuit Playground board and basic e-sewing techniques.

Attendees do not need any prior coding or physical computing knowledge to participate. This workshops is meant to be a true introduction to the basics. Attendees will need to provide a laptop, but the other materials will be supplied. It is optional, but attendees are welcome to bring a wearable article (t-shirt, bag, etc) that they are comfortable cutting and sewing. All registered attendees will get a Makey Makey to keep, as well as links, slides, and hand-outs to enable integration in their practice and/or classroom.


Workshop will be held at
Nordkapp office
Kaisaniemenkatu 7, 00100 Helsinki

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