Speaker Tatiana Toutikian


Tatiana Toutikian is speculative and collaborative designer. She designs products, systems, services, and interactions for rethinking the present and influencing the near future based on current trends in society and technology. Based in Beirut, Tatiana graduated with an MA from Aalto University in Helsinki with a focus in New Media the Media Lab Helsinki, Finland and has previously worked for Frog (Shanghai), Hello Ruby (Helsinki), the MENA Design Research Center (Beirut) and organized the biggest design festival in the Middle East - Beirut Design Week with critical themes for the past two years (Lebanon). She has then worked on several projects for clients such as Unicef, GSM Mobile, Audi and taught at several universities in the Middle East as a visiting instructor. Tatiana speaks at conferences and conducts workshops on the marriage of design fiction and future interactions. Her solo exhibitions and interventions have been featured in Monocle Radio, Design Indaba, Dezeen, DesignBoom, and the Future Laboratory among others.

Talk, Monday 10th 13:30

Collective Futures of Choice

The word choice is very powerful when discussing futures. In this talk we look at the many ways of expressing near-future realities. These realities are situated at the intersection of technology and future societies. Hence participatory speculative methods such as LARPS (live actions role plays), interactive visual and auditory performances, voting and auctions on future occurrences, and speculative lunches, are only a handful of ways that catapult everyday people into the future. In this talk, we experience and understand the various ways critical design can communicate to a large audience of designers and non-designers alike.

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