Speaker Archie Mani Srinivasan


Archie works as UX Design Researcher at GE Transportation, a Wabtec company, serving the global freight industry by modernizing and finding new opportunities for humans to interface with artificial intelligence and industrial automation.

On the side, she collaborates, mentors and co-organizes the ATL Speculative Futures meetup in the local design community. She has also co-founded The Fair Fair, a local community for design students and emerging professionals to help each other transition in their careers by providing them with a safe space to market their talents, build reliable networks and find opportunities.

In addition, she is part of the organizing committee of Primer 2020 taking place in Atlanta, USA.


Transportation Landscape of a Future World

Let’s imagine a crazy future that is a cross between Black Mirror and Harry Potter. What decisions are we making today to move to this imagined future world? For this we need to have knowledge of our past, study the present and identify key factors that influence an industry to move to this future.

To understand the industry, we learn of its past, study its present by analyzing the current trends and innovations, we constantly uncover insights and fins opportunities through conversations with customers or research with end users. Based on our study, imagine a future world in which the transportation landscape could be floo powder.

Through a synthesis of all information collected, we have identified a few key influencing factors to successfully innovate for the transportation industry to move toward the imagined future.

In this talk, Archie will give this audience a renewed understanding of the importance of design context and imagination. Attendees will walk away with a process of developing and using a strategy to innovate in any industry through an example of how we did so in ours.

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