Workshop Oli Shaw


A trans-disciplinary creative director with over 19 years of experience in branding, design, strategy, communications and service design. Oli spends much of his time understanding how to evolve organisations into better versions of themselves through hands-on strategic design - creating new, improved and more meaningful experiences for businesses, customers and employees.

Workshop, Tuesday 11th 09:30, 129€

Impact the World Isn't Ready For

Do you think about impact when you design? Far too often we get caught up in blue sky thinking and ignore the possibility that everything that could go wrong - and probably will. Most design happens with the best of intentions, but even "good" design doesn't always go according to plan. During this speculative, ontological, systems design workshop, we’ll use impact as a seriously fun design lens.

Workshop will be held at
Kulttuuritehdas Korjaamo, Vintti
Töölönkatu 51a, 00250 Helsinki

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