Speaker Dash Macdonald


Dash Macdonald works as part of the design action group Dash N’ Dem who produce participatory projects concerning political education and engagement. Ideas inhabit varied media and platforms as a vehicle for agitation, using co-creation as a form of activism that provokes diverse audiences to speak out and think critically and creatively. Collaborative productions have the ambition of making politics more accessible and engaging, transposing research into historic and emergent forms of radical education, organisation and agitation into live actions that incite collective learning experiences. Dash Macdonald is a lecturer in the Department of Design at Goldsmiths.

Dash N' Dem


Post Workers Theatre ~ Tomorrows Great Pageant.

Post Workers Theatre is a design troup investigating the future of politically engaged performance and how it might be designed by looking into the history and function of workers theatre of the past. By mapping the origins of both educational and agitational performance, PWT considers the ways in which emerging forms of representation can update the ideas found in workers theatre, by studying what both 'workers' and 'theatre' have become in the 21st century, and how they might operate in an uncertain future.

This talk will focus on Tomorrow’s Great Pageant, a socially charged project by PWT that re-imagined the iconic Suffrage play, A Pageant of Great Women, for a 21st Century non-binary context. Workshops and participatory events with Bedfords LGBTQIA community performed active ways of debating and co-writing in order to generate new dialogue and form a network of contemporary voices to comment on issues of gender and freedom.

PWT is a collaborative practice that brings together Dash N’ Dem, [Dash Macdonald and Demitrios Kargotis] and Nicholas Mortimer.

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