Speaker Dominika Swierad and Lorenzo Lattanzi


Lorenzo and Dominika met during their studies in Glasgow and discovered that they share passion for futures, speculations and community engagement. In 2018 they co-founded Still Not Quite, a critical research studio engaging with communities to open a discussion about futures and together create possible narratives. So far, with Still Not Quite they collaborated with Central Saint Martins, Agile City, Civic House, Mobile Print Studio and various community groups internationally.

Dominika is a designer and researcher with a background in art and academia. She currently works in London in designing for policies, urban connectivity and placemaking. Dominika is interested in technology’s influence on interactions, speculating on possible futures and design as a catalyst for critical reflection on human behaviours. She likes to look at how we live and speak to each other and explore different perspectives of it through physical and written narratives.

Lorenzo is a designer and researcher interested in mapping complex scenarios and unveiling occasions for innovation. He currently works in London focusing on user research for digital products connected to finances and money management. He’s interested in researching product and service design and how these practices can provide a space to speculate collaboratively on the future.


Design when everybody (could) design

We recognise future design to be almost exclusively in the hands of academia, corporations and other power- ful entities. The scenarios envisioned are therefore often elitist, subject to an uncomfortable compromise be- tween user-centred insights and profit-targeted dynamics, or purely theoretical and art-oriented.

We believe that futures explored by critical/speculative design should be of public domain, discussed at dinners among friends as well as conferences like this one. Speculative design, although it aims to spark a conversation through mediums interlocutors can relate to, is still working on a design”er”-centered axis. We are used to being shown the way by successful designers (critical or not) who inevitably retain the responsibility of designing our future (or the conversations we should have on such).

Trying to address this, we opened a fictional online department store. There we display the results of the workshops we conduct with various communities - our participants take an active role in designing objects from futures related to their community, utilising their expertise to illustrate rich scenarios and spark debate.

In this talk, we want to share the work we have done with the citizens of Wroclaw, a Polish city with an extreme air pollution problem. Come shopping with us!

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