Speaker Lucy Black-Swan & Andres Colmenares


Lucy Black-Swan & Andres Colmenares are the co-founders of IAM, an evolving group of ventures, that include a strategic consultancy, an annual series of events, a creative lab, a transnational coalition and a global community, aligned with a long-term mission: to improve the interrelationships between citizens, digital technologies and the Planet, using futures as tools to support organisations make better decisions and encourage collective critical hope.

Since 2015, they are developing strategic and curatorial design projects with foundations, cultural institutions, universities and media companies as Mobile World Capital Barcelona, Tate, University of Arts London, Red Bull, ELISAVA and BBC, along with a number of experimental initiatives, including events about the futures of internet as the annual IAM Weekend in Barcelona, and the upcoming Internet Citizenships Forum, an initiative developed in partnership with Phi Centre in Montreal.

Their approach is built on over 10 years dedicated to explore speculative research themes, methods and narratives, looking at how the evolution of the internet as cultures, is shaping the futures of everything, designing tools and experiences to empower people through critical, planetary and long-term thinking and using videos, learning journeys and publications following the principles stated in the IAM manifesto.

On the public side, Andres also writes opinion articles for publications as CRACK Magazine or LS:N Global and has been invited to speak at events as DEL Conference, Lift Conference in Geneva, Calvert Forum in Kazan, Youth Marketing Day in Helsinki, Pecha Kucha Night and World Youth Student Travel Conference in Barcelona. He is also a guest lecturer in University of Arts London, Istituto Europeo di Design, Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia, Merz Akademie, Blanquerna, LaSalle College International and ELISAVA School of Design & Engineering of Barcelona.



The Everything Manifesto: A Thought-Experiment For The Next Billion Seconds

In this talk, we’ll present a proposal of an evolving actionable manifesto for the next billion seconds, using hypothetical questions as tools to interrogate the contemporary methodologies, narratives and assumptions that have been shaping the digital economy.

This thought-experiment aims to encourage collective critical hope, plurality and solidarity between citizens and organisations around the planet, as we all get ready for 2020; the beginning of a new decade that will demand an exponential growth of the responsibility and accountability of the professionals, companies, corporations and governments designing, producing and implementing digital technologies while learning how citizens can use their collective imaginations to address the scale, complexity and accelerated speed of change of borderless challenges as the ecological emergency or the polarisation of society.

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