Speaker Miguel Jiménez


Miguel is a "Futurist" with a strong focus on observing systems holistically - he makes sense of context, driving forces, system relationships, global trends, and key influencers shaping the future - to forecast, design and implement better solutions for society, businesses, and governments.

His background is cross-disciplinary, with education in computer science, technology, social sciences, business administration and industrial design - including 19+ years of expertise helping companies and governments worldwide to raise the standards of innovation, strategic thinking, and world-class innovation.

Passionate about the future and its overall implications for the present, Miguel uses foresight, future anticipation, artificial intelligence, agile thinking, lean methodologies, service design, business design, design thinking, and open collaborative frameworks to produce outstanding scenarios for disruptive innovation. He helps to establish the right futures thinking culture, capabilities, and programs to develop skills and motivate teams to drive innovation for a brighter future.

Miguel is subject matter expert (SME) in futures thinking, systems thinking and applied innovation - with international business and leadership experience in Europe, Asia, Middle East and the Americas in many different industries: design (DesignCouncil Singapore, IKEA); retail (Zara, Chanel); finance (Banco Santander, BBVA, CaixaBank); food (Red Bull, Telepizza); technology (Microsoft, Telefónica, Movistar); media (Havas, DDB, Yellow Pages); engineering (Buro Happold) and government (Government of Singapore, Government of Dubai, Government of Abu Dhabi, Government of Ajman, Government of Canada, Government of Spain).

Let's shape the future together.



Gentrification of the Futures ~ Ethics, Technology & Strategy.

The futures are the new cool topic in business. Close to strategy, innovation and design it attracts many individuals from very diverse backgrounds. Agencies, studios, consultancies and professionals are starting to migrate to this newer and fresher area of development. It is getting so crowded in the futures space that could start talking about a gentrified discipline, in the very same way we talk about neighborhoods in many towns around the world.

This talk will focus on understanding what thinking about the future means in our times of economic, political, environmental, and sociological crisis. How will the futures be conquered? How is technology affecting the role of future thinkers? What is strategy and how it could be different from thinking about the future? Who is taking advantage of the emerging field of study? What are the major concerns when starting thinking about the futures?

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