Speaker Nicolas Arroyo


Born in one of the southernmost corners of the world in Santiago, Chile, now based in Copenhagen Denmark, Nicolas Arroyo is one of the Founding Partners and Director of Foresight at Bespoke. A Futures Studies and Experience Design firm empowering courageous organisations and individuals to use the future as a source of hope and inspiration for the present.

With more than 14 years of experience in the creative industries and a background in architecture, visual arts and a degree in Change Leadership and Business Design from The Kaospilot School, Nicolas work strives to inspire organisations to imagine and design better futures for people, and the planet by harvesting and using the creative tensions laying at the intersection between business, design, culture, technology and art.

With various projects in diverse places such as Japan, Scandinavia, North and South America and The Middle East and across different industries and sectors, Bespoke uses the power of Futures Design to help organisations and individuals incorporate cross disciplinary thinking and doing into the core of their work in order to foster creative collaboration, human wellbeing, and the creation of future-facing sustainable solutions.


Democratising Futures: Incorporating Futuring as a core practise for the new generation of organisations.

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