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Miguel Sabel

He has been working for more than ten years in different fields between Design and Innovation. Managing design teams, creating new businesses and services, exploring tools and methods, always obsessed with the connection between the business and design worlds.

Now he is Strategic Design Director at Designit, supporting his amazing team at having a profound and positive impact in their projects and beyond.

Naty Gomes

With 6 years of experience as a designer and a cross profile, she tackles the projects with a holistic vision and a clear scope: the execution.

She has worked for clients from various fields and developing projects in different countries and cultural contexts. Highlight her commitment to education and new learning methods.


Building the rabbit hole: exploring the future in your organization

In this workshop, we will explore together how to translate and apply the speculative design principles and methods into real companies to play with the future and stay relevant.

First, we will learn from our own playground: Futures and how we play. Also, from other real cases of companies and organizations who have experimented with speculative design through experimentation spaces in their own environment. From their success and failure stories, we will be able to find inspiration and understand the implications and cultural challenges that come with these practices.

Afterward, it will be your turn! Through co-creation activities, you will explore the future in different types of companies in order to create and prototype the experimentation spaces or “playground”.

This is a great opportunity to play with future scenarios within a multidisciplinary team from a completely practical and hands-on approach. All while gathering inspiration on how we can put it to practice in your own professional environments and everyday lives.

What are the 3 most important things attendees will learn/take away from your workshop?

  • Ideas on how to implement speculative design and experimentation spaces into their own professional life.
  • A dynamic co-creation experience with other professionals from diverse backgrounds.
  • A new future-forward perspective on transformation within the companies.

Who will most benefit from your workshop?

Anyone interested in experimenting speculative design and futures thinking in a practical case scenario, both if you’re a beginner looking to learn more or if you are an experienced professional wanting to rethink their current professional reality.

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